~ Let us be a part of your healing journey ~

The Four Phases

Identifying Your Struggle

In order to rid yourself of negative memories, thoughts and emotions, you must fully understand them.  On this journey, you and Juanyta will work to identify your emotions, triggers, precise issues and possible solutions.

Opening Your Heart to God

If the pain is still fresh, chances are, you are mad at God or believe He is mad at you.  This notion has created a wedge and you either lost the relationship you once had or have not experienced the beautiful relationship you could have.  On this journey, Juanyta will help you embrace God’s love, forgiveness, healing power, and guidance as you seek spiritual healing.

Forgiving Others

Healing cannot be complete if you are still holding on to unresolved anger. On this journey, Juanyta will help you work to forgive your offender and develop boundaries to prevent future hurt.

Loving Yourself

Surviving an unhealthy relationship can leave you with a loss of self.  This journey is near and dear to Juanyta's heart.  She will help you redefine YOU through self-awareness, self-identification, self-assurance, and self-love.


Where do you want to start? 

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