How We Journey

You have the ability to transform your entire life.  The way you love, forgive, handle stress, can all take on a whole new perspective.  Living a life with Christ has amazing benefits.  So amazing you will wonder why you ever lived your life without Him.  If you have not experienced this joy, you are in for a special treat.  And if you have, well, come along and let’s help others soar on wings like eagles.

Below are the many ways Inspire My Journey will help to inspire your journey. 


Your Spiritual Tools

In order to grow spiritually and be connected to God we have to build a relationship with Him.  We do this by reading His Word and spending time with Him.  Inspire My Journey are designing tools with you in mind.  To help connect you with God on many different and interesting levels.  It’s an exciting time for you, while you explore this new or rekindled relationship, and we want to equip you with all the resources you need on this wonderful and fulfilling journey. 

Get Connected with God

Spiritual Community

Your Spiritual Community

We all instinctively dream of a place where we can feel loved and not judged.  A place where we don’t feel alone in our thoughts, actions, or feelings.  A safe haven that is shared among fellow Christians.  We want a place where we are encouraged to grow spiritually, with the understanding that we are not perfect.

Inside our online private community, we will fuel each other’s unexpected journey in vibrant and creative ways.

Be a Part of Our Journey

The Journey Blog Header

 Your Spiritual Blog

We all need a good read every now and then to push us in the right direction.  Our blog posts will be geared towards dealing with the everyday struggles of life and how God can be a part of it all.  You will learn how to love, forgive, deal with depression, identifying the enemy, and much more.  It will be worth your time.

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