Healing From Toxic Relationships

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Test 1 - Peace and happiness are two top pursuits we embark on, on a daily basis. Whether it is an active journey or subconscious one, we bet it is a reality you would like to experience as well.  

Both state of minds either comes naturally or from being delivered from a pained past.  Whether that pain is from your youth or a recent experience, buried deep or just under the surface, freeing yourself from this mental and emotional stronghold is key to finding your peace and happiness.

Allow Juanyta to help! From her own research and firsthand experience, she has come to learn of four journeys we all must go through to find our true happiness. Here is what she will walk you through: 

The Four Journeys

Identifying Your Struggle

In order to rid yourself of negative memories, thoughts and emotions, you must fully understand them.  On this journey, you and Juanyta will work to identify your emotions, triggers, precise issues and possible solutions.

Opening Your Heart to God

If the pain is still fresh, chances are, you are mad at God or believe He is mad at you.  This notion has created a wedge and you either lost the relationship you once had or have not experienced the beautiful relationship you could have.  On this journey, Juanyta will help you embrace God’s love, forgiveness, healing power, and guidance as you seek spiritual healing.

Forgiving Others

Healing cannot be complete if you are still holding on to unresolved anger. On this journey, Juanyta will help you work to forgive your offender and develop boundaries to prevent future hurt.

Loving Yourself

Surviving an unhealthy relationship can leave you with a loss of self.  This journey is near and dear to Juanyta's heart.  She will help you redefine YOU through self-awareness, self-identification, self-assurance, and self-love.


Where do you want to start? 

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Juanyta's Story

Through the pain of her divorce, a woman lost her identity, faith, and joy.  Her identity as a daughter of the Most High God had been her reality since she could remember.  And while she had experienced many trials and tribulations, it never hindered her relationship with God.  That is, until she decided to divorce.  Satan used this opportunity to break her and have her believe the unthinkable — that God would never forgive her for wanting a divorce.  

Her new reality was dark.  She became more and more upset with God.  She knew she was a good person and had always put others before herself. Yet, she was made to believe she was wrong for wanting a divorce.  Her entire existence felt as if it was canceled. Eventually, upset turned to sadness, sadness turned to depression, and depression turned to guilt.  With each phase, her relationship with Christ grew further and further apart.

God promises to never leave or forsake, and He kept His promise to her. A year post-divorce, by His grace, she started to read and pray again.  Two years post-divorce, she started to believe again.  And three years post-divorce, she broke free from the bondage of guilt that weighed her down. She accepted God’s forgiveness, forgave others, and sealed the deal by forgiving herself.  She vowed to never let the Devil come between her and God again.

Towards the end of this three-year journey, God revealed the plans He had for her. He wanted her to help others by using her experience and the integral methods that helped rebuild her relationship with Him. He called her to reach those who desperately need to move beyond the pain of their past into the beauty of living a life with Christ. Inspire My Journey was born from this revelation.

To better help you on YOUR journey, Juanyta has obtained her life coaching certification.  She is super excited to walk you through one or more of the journeys above.  


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