Copy of Your Journey to Happiness

Peace and happiness are two top pursuits we embark on, on a daily basis. Whether it is an active journey or subconscious one, I bet it is a reality you experience or would like to experience as well.  

Both state of minds either comes naturally or from being delivered from a pained past.  It could be a pain stemmed from your youth or a recent circumstance.  It could be a pain buried deep or one that lies on the surface. Regardless, it’s a pain you want to be free from. 
Good news!  We, at Inspire My Journey are here to help you.  From research and experience, we have learned of five phases one needs to go through in their “healing” journeys.  Take a look below to learn the different phases and take note where you are currently.  Know that phase 3 and 4 is a “one or the other” or both depending on your situation.

  1. Identifying Your Struggle – You are in this phase if you are still trying to figure out why you are sad, depressed, or angry.  You know the person or people that causes sadness or the scenario(s) that change your mood, but you haven’t gotten to the root of the issue to begin working on a solution.  
  2. Knowing Who You Are in Christ – You are in this phase if you are in need of spiritual healing.  You are either mad at God or believe He is mad at you. This notion has created a wedge and you either lost the relationship you once had or have not experienced the beautiful relationship you could have. 
  3. Forgiving Others – You are in this phase if there is someone you need to forgive but are struggling on how to go about doing it.   The pain is so real, how can you be expected to exonerate them!? 
  4. Forgiving Yourself – You are in this phase if your past mistakes keep playing on repeat in your mind.  You struggle knowing the difference between condemnation and conviction.  You need to forgive yourself, but guilt keeps you from doing so.
  5. Living Life with Christ – You are in this phase when you are completely healed and are ready to live that joy-filled life.  You want to continue to develop your relationship with Christ, keeping things fresh and exciting.  

Sooo, which phase would you say you are in right now?   If you are unsure, feel free to email us and we will help you figure it out.  Otherwise, continue to connect with us.  All inspiration – devotionals, emails (sign-up below), social media, our private FB group, and future products/services will come from one or more of these areas to help you along your journey.  That’s right, we got you!  

Hope to hear from you soon!
~ Your Inspire Team

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