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Product image 4Daily Scripture Devotional Book

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~ Product Features ~

This daily Christian devotional is broken up into five spiritual growth areas. Each section contains ten top scriptures. The front of a card presents the scripture while the back allows us to reflect and take action. 

We will stay connected with God and be comforted by Him daily in these spiritual areas:

  • God’s Love – To help us completely understand God’s love for us.
  • Faith – To help build our faith so we can be stronger Christians.
  • Peace – To help us weather our storms.
  • Obedience – To help us stay in the will of God.
  • Prayer – To help us connect with God as we pray for ourselves and others.

~ Product Benefits ~

  • Graceful – Designed with inspiration in mind. From its vibrant colors to its invigorating graphics, this binder aims to express its meaning through its aesthetic design. 
  • Portable – Because there is nowhere you can go that you don’t need God, portability is a must. This 5.5 x 7.7 binder is small enough to take wherever you go. 
  • Durable – What good is a product if it is easily damaged or to preserve its condition you can’t use it regularly? This hard-bound cover not only protects itself, it prevents the wear and tear of its precious contents.  
  • Practical – Even though scriptures are good all by themselves, not everyone completely understands how to apply them. The reflections and actions on the back of each card help you understand what you read. They also provide that extra encouragement for you to live out the scriptures bravely and with confidence.
  • Adaptable – Having 50 scriptures on deck is wonderful, but what happens when you need just one? This binder is designed in such a way that you can safely move a scripture card to another section, give it to a friend, take it on a walk or put it on the mirror for daily reminders without damaging the card itself. 

Gift yourself or a loved one today with God's Word for Your Journey devotional book. Recommended for both men and women.

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