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God’s No and Not Yet

Written withIMPATIENCE

Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.
~ Proverbs 3:6 NLT 

Every day in our Christian walk, we are learning to put our trust in God and to seek His will in all we do. We know when we pray He hears us, but sometimes we get impatient with the process or we simply won’t accept His “no.” Either way, we are left feeling afraid of our undetermined future or lonely because we feel God has abandoned us. But just like any loving parent, God never promised us all yeses.  He truly knows what’s best and we just have to trust Him.   

Each of us has a relationship with God and struggles with seeking answers.  So we thought it would be a good idea to get feedback on other people’s journeys.  We hope you will no longer feel alone on your journey. From their stories, may you see God’s answers are always perfect.  You may not see it yet due to the hurt of His “no” or the impatience of His “not yet,” but His answers are perfect and forever will be.  

I’ve asked several trusted colleagues to share honest experiences with their “God’s No and Not Yet” journeys.  Below are all four heartfelt stories. 

Michelle’s "Not Yet" Journey

What was the situation?
The situation of God's “not yet” was when I lost my relationship with my grandson. I lost that relationship in Jan of 2013.

What was the timeframe of your prayer and God's response?
I prayed until Sept of 2015 for God to restore that relationship.

If you care to share, what was your prayer?
I prayed for forgiveness and softened hearts to allow me back in.

How did God answer and how did you handle it?
I sent letters day after day, never receiving any response. My earthly spirit wanted to give up, but my spiritual-self had faith that God was still preparing hearts for the perfect restoration. Sept 2015, I received the text I had been praying for. I had my first visit with Mason in almost 3 years. That relationship has grown into something beautiful. Not only with my grandson, but with my ex-husband and his wife that had been raising him.

Any advice to others on how to wait patiently?
I would say to anyone that is praying for something from God and you feel He isn't listening, just keep praising Him. His silence may not be as silent as you imagine. He may be speaking to you through others, giving you dreams and visions or through His word, things that He still wants to grow in you. He is growing your faith and trust in Him most importantly.

Hannah's "No" Journey

What was the situation?
My father dying of cancer in December 2018.

What was the timeframe of your prayer and God's response?
I started begging God to heal him in March 2018, and never stopped until his death.

If you care to share, what was your prayer?
Dear God, I come to you asking for healing for my Dad. I don't think I can live in this world without Him, he is not only my mentor but also one of my best friends. Please don't take him from me. I don't understand why he is sick; why such a good man that has been faithful to you has to go through something like this; why he gets this ending when plenty of terrible people out there get to live life longer. I'm not ready for him to go. I can't handle seeing him in pain. Why are you doing this to us? Why, Lord?

How did you wait patiently?
Truthfully, I didn't. There were many painful nights I spent at the ICU, crying, begging God to change his mind and to heal my Dad already. Patience was taught after my Dad was gone; which, ironically, would be an area that my Dad would be really proud of my growth. He was the most patient and sturdy man. Not only did my growth in this area help me in my walk with God, but I like to think that it also helps reflect the perseverance and hard work of an upbringing that was rooted in Christ, that makes all of my loved ones proud and sets an example. To me, I honor both the Lord and my Dad by continuing to work on patience in hard times.

How did God answer and how did you handle it?
God basically showed me how his nature works. I matured in so many ways throughout those 8 months - I learned that some things that the Lord has happen aren't meant for us to understand. Only to follow and have faith. And that my Dad passing wasn't necessarily a "loss" - because either way, my Dad won in the end. He gets to spend an eternity with Jesus. And that means I will see him again.

Any advice to others on how to accept God's “No?”
Absolutely. My advice would be to blindly trust, no matter how much of a challenge that may seem. Sometimes in stressful times when you don't want to hear the word "no," or if you are angry that it is the only response you are getting, consider the alternative - what would happen if the "no" scenario plays out perfectly, and you end up okay and secure regardless of your own worldly opinion of the situation, and compare that to the same situation that began with you blindly trusting God instead. How much time spent being stressed or angry would have been wasted?

Kesha's "Not Yet" Journey

What was the situation?
I asked God for a particular relationship, a house, health and financial stability.

What was the timeframe of your prayer and God's response?
About two and half years ago.

What has been God's response thus far and how are you handling it?
His response was “not yet, I’m still healing your heart.“  You see, there were several issues I was dealing with emotionally that would have caused me to forfeit the blessing of what He’s still bringing into manifestation. Even in my waiting season, He’s continuing to provide.  So, His response has been I’m still God while you are waiting on the full blessing. 

Any advice to others on how to wait patiently?
The best thing you can do to wait patiently is to arm yourself with prayer and the word of God. Whether it’s straight bible, YouTube videos or physical sermons, and positivity.  And allow God to get you where you need to be, to receive the magnitude of what He has for you.

Javae's "Not Yet" Journey

What was the situation?
I had been praying for an increase in income. I was turned down for the same promotion 3 times over 7 years with same organization.

What was the timeframe of your prayer and God's response?
I asked God to promote me in 2010, it manifested in 2017.

If you care to share, what was your prayer?
I had many prayers over the years. My prayers were really reminding my heavenly Father what He said about me in His word. "My plans are for you to prosper and be in good health even as my soul prospers." I prayed for many of the jobs that I applied for year after year.

How did you wait patiently?
He said to continue with the right attitude, walk in victory; my glory will be revealed.  I waited patiently by activating my faith, believing in God's power for all of my needs, and speaking with my lips what my heart receives and believe of the many promises in His word. I meditated on Jeremiah 17:7 and 8, “blessed is the man who believes and trusts in and relies on the Lord and whose hope and confidence the Lord is but he shall be like a tree planted by the waters that spreads out its roots by the river and it shall not see and feel when heat comes but it's leaf shall be green. It shall not be anxious and full of care in the year of drought, Nor shall it cease yielding fruit.”

How did God answer and how did you handle it?
God instructed me to be anxious for nothing but in all things pray without ceasing. be still and know that I am God. He told me to quiet my soul, move when He say move, fret not and to meditate on Jeremiah 17:7 and 8.

I struggled with the wait because I had this test before and failed. I was determined to pass this time around. I kept my fellowship with my heavenly Father and as I communed with Him, He showed me who I was, how He made me, instead of who and what I thought of myself. I was surprised, excited and scared about what He had planned for me, but I knew I wasn't going on this journey alone.

Any advice to others on how to wait patiently?
I didn't realize how important "the process" was. I wanted it to hurry up and be over so I could move on. However, the process of waiting brought such clarity and character. It's amazing how we see ourselves so differently than our Creator who made us and how He is and has been orchestrating everything around us right down to the details.  Question to the audience:  What do you believe?  Do you trust that He can and He will?


It is our hope and prayer that these testimonies provide you with the faith and comfort you need to see your own prayer through.  Remember, God has not abandoned you, He's positioning you and those around you.    

Do you have your own God's "No or Not Yet" Journey?  Tell us about it in the comments below.  We'd love to read your story.

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