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Living Life with Christ


Welcome to your "Living Life with Christ" journey!


Spending Time with God

Written with: DEDICATION

By design, we have a desire to spend more time with God.  We start off with the right intentions, but our days become hectic, and we don’t get around to it.  However, at the end of this journey, we will be equipped with a few methods to manage those obstacles, as well as suggestions for quality time activities.


Trusting in Him

Written by: Juanyta Bradley

Trusting God can be hard sometimes, but He is always there to gently remind, He got us!  Read these words to see how this woman was taken from complete despair to renewed strength.


How to Get Your Zeal Back

Written by: Inspire My Journey


At the beginning of any journey, you feel excited and energized as if you can conquer the world.  But then somewhere along your path, you grow weary and weak; you seem to lose your way.  Good news!  There is a way to get your zeal back.


God’s No and Not Yet

Written withIMPATIENCE

Every day in our Christian walk, we are learning to put our trust in God and to seek His will in all we do. We know when we pray He hears us, but sometimes we get impatient with the process or we simply won’t accept His “no.” Either way, we are left feeling afraid of our undetermined future or lonely because we feel God has abandoned us. This journey will be a little different as we take a look inside others’ “God’s No and Not Yet” journeys.


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