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Opening Your Heart to God


Welcome to your "Opending Your Heart to God" journey!


A Relationship with God

Written by: Juanyta Bradley

Come journey to a place that is safe, full of pure love, and is so fulfilling, you will never want to leave.


God Had a Plan

Written by:  Juanyta Bradley

Our relationship and understanding of God is always tested when we go through tough trials.  After a painful divorce, Juanyta realized she did not know God as well as she thought she did.  She simply allowed their relationship to falter due to this.  Listen to how God's love and grace brought her back to the plans He had for her life and how their relationship was rebuilt even stronger.


Free from Fear

Written by: Inspire My Journey

Satan wants us to breath fear, while God wants us to recognize His strength and power.  But how do you go about not living in fear when your world is in such turmoil?


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