Inspirational Mondays

Connecting With God


Welcome to our first "Inspirational Monday" challenge.  We are so excited and hope you are too!  This week is about connecting with God in fun and unique ways.  So, grab your creative thinking cap and lets get started!

Awareness of God's Love

INSPIRED BY:  Psalm 37:4 NLT

Welcome to this week's "Inspirational Monday" challenge.  It's going to be another inspiring week!  This week we are going to intentionally be aware of all the big or small blessings God give us throughout the day.

Tracking Your Spiritual Growth

INSPIRED BY:  1 Corinthians 13:11 NLT 

Welcome to this week's "Inspirational Monday" challenge.  On this journey, we will begin tracking the areas we'd like to grow spiritually.  Knowing just how far we've come, can give us the motivation to continue.


Temptation Battle Plan

INSPIRED BY:  Matthew 26:41 KJV

Welcome to this week's "Inspirational Monday" challenge.  This is going to be an empowering journey as we confront our temptations head-on!

Getting to Know Your God

INSPIRED BY:  Matthew 28:19 NLT

On this journey, we are going to do a little bit of homework.  Don’t worry; we won’t make you write a thesis or anything, but you will have to do some research.  God is one and presents Himself to us as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Your job this week is to take some time to learn about each of their characteristics. 

Loving Your God

INSPIRED BY: 1 Peter 1:2 NLT

Last time we educated ourselves on the different attributes of the Holy Trinity.  On this week’s journey, we are going to use what we learned about God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and make it personal. 

Learning Yourself

INSPIRED BY: Proverbs 19:8 NLT

Happy Monday Family.  Welcome to week 7 of “Inspirational Mondays.”  This week, we are going to go on a little self-discovery journey as we learn more about ourselves.  Not only will this be fun and rewarding, it will help us be proactive and intentional when it comes to dealing with the woes of life.

Loving Yourself

INSPIRED BY:   Ephesians 5:29 NLT

Hey!  Hope everyone is doing well.    Last week we learned some things about ourselves.  This week, we are going to embrace, loving ourselves. We often believe that if we put ourselves first, we are being selfish.  Let’s take this journey together, to love ourselves more, so we can be more effective at loving others.

Putting on Kindness

INSPIRED BY: Colossians 3:12 NLT

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone’s Mother’s Day weekend went well.  This week, we are going to enjoy expressing kindness to others.  Doing something for others not only make others feel special, it makes our hearts smile and it makes God smile.  

Controlling Your Anger


Hey Ladies and Gents.  It’s another Inspirational Monday!  This week’s challenge is about learning how to control our anger.  This, by no means is an easy task but with practice and determination, we will get there.  Explore on this journey, ways you can produce a positive outcome in intense situations.

Putting on Your Armor of God

INSPIRED BY: 1 Peter 5:8 NIV

Hey Family. Happy Inspirational Monday!  This week, we will learn or refamiliarize ourselves with a special, precious suit, a covering if you will.  Its purpose is to protect us from the Enemy’s deceit.  And it’s tailor-made just for each of us.  You see, the Devil is very skillful.  He knows just the right person to tear us down and the perfect scenario to break us.  We start to question our beliefs, ourselves, and maybe even our God.  But all that stops here on this week’s journey. 

Writing Down Your Prayers

INSPIRED BY: Psalm 143:1 KJV

Good Morning Everyone. It dawned on me when writing this…we have had a whole quarter worth of inspiration!  Wow!  Let’s continue, shall we?   On this journey, we are going to spend time writing down our prayers. This will help us with structure, as well as a go-to prayer when we need it.
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