Starting Small

Written by: Hannah Gibson

Each day I see your familiar face
as I walk by,
smiling, healthy, and strong,
looking out from the picture on my wall.
You greet me as always
with warm eyes and a smile,
which makes my whole chest hurt;
I haven’t seen you in a while.
It was hard to get used to at first,
seeing you instead in a frame.
It pales in comparison to memories of you holding me, hugging me,
greeting me by name.
You still watch me proudly,
just as steadfast and true;
a daily reminder to stand tall,
nd to continue to honor you.
On the days when I fall to my knees,
or can barely manage to crawl,
you’re still there in spirit,
still with warm smile and kind eyes,
and I begin to have an even deeper love
for your skin worn deep from laughter lines.
Even still you are teaching me,
still helping me to see-
with every daily greeting
or each long glance at your face,
that evidence of a life well lived
can be seen on your face.
There is comfort there,
and a deep pride too,
in knowing that I put some of those
laughter lines there for you.
Oh, how I miss you, oh how I ache.
Oh, how I wish that time could go back
and I could still greet you face to face.
But there’s also comfort in knowing,
that at the end of my race,
I will indeed greet you again
face to face.
But for now we’ll start small,
I’ll try to smile back
at your picture on the wall
So when I see you again,
I’ll have matching laughter lines.


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