Discover Your Deep-Rooted Emotions

Focus Area:  Identify Your Obstacles

When you have been hurt - emotionally, physically, and/or spiritually, you develop mistaken beliefs about yourself.  You start to believe the lies your offender have directly or indirectly communicated to you.

Some examples of these mistaken beliefs are:

  • Growing up believing you weren't good enough because your parents or childhood peers didn't accept you for you
  • Living with guilt because your last toxic partner or friend blamed EVERYTHING on you
  • Owning the shame inflicted by the church, due to a divorce or who you love

Regardless of your story, you can change this adopted state of mind.  You can learn who you are, live authentic to yourself, and create your own joy.

That would be awesome, right?!

While it is a long process to get from here to “free,” digging deep to completely understand your unique situation can be just as liberating.  

Let’s start this journey by asking a series of questions to understand your deep-rooted emotions - emotions beyond the sad, angry, or scared feelings.

For this exercise, we will focus on a commonly expressed emotion: inadequacy.

In a relaxed and clear state of mind, think about the times you feel inadequate.  Use our when-who-what model to serve as a guide to identify your triggers, your offenders, and the impact this emotion has on your life.

  • Describe the scenarios when you feel the most inadequate?
  • Who makes you feel as if you aren't good enough?  How do they communicate this?
  • What impact has this had on your life thus far?  What areas have been affected the most?

Once you are done, consider challenging your thoughts.  How can you begin seeing yourself as "enough?"  Connect with Juanyta if you need help.

Note:  In the related worksheet, other emotions such as fear, rejection, guilt and shame, will also be evaluated.


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The information on this page is not intended to be a substitution for diagnosis, treatment, or informed professional advice.  If you are in a crisis or any other person may be in danger, use these resources to obtain immediate help.

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