How to Cultivate New Connections

Focus Area: Reconnecting with Others

It's easy to connect with folks we know, but what about those we recently just met? How does it blossom into a meaningful worthwhile relationship?  

In the beginning, it's pretty easy.  You have all the first-time questions to get you through your initial interactions.  And if things flowed naturally, you feel positive about your future.  But what if somewhere along the way, your new connection became stagnant?  No one has reached out, no future dinner dates scheduled, no promise of a new friendship.  How do you move forward? 

Cultivating new connections is not for the meek, especially when it doesn't come easy or natural.  You have to be intentional and push past potential barriers. 

If you feel a possible friendship is there, don’t let the stagnant intimidate you.  Be there for the awkward!  But on the other hand, if you feel you are forcing it, save your time and energy.

Ideas for You

While there are no hard and fast rules to this building relationship thing, below are some suggestions for both in-person and virtual friendship development.  

Marco Polo
A fun way to private video chat

Ask For Advice
This builds trust on both sides

Virtual Dinner
Enjoy an easy going convo over Zoom (or similar app)

Phone Conversation
Go old school and call them up.  The first few minutes may be awkward but stick with it to see how it goes.

Invite to a Group Gathering
Allows you to see each other in a different space

House Invite (Movie/Game/Dinner Night)
A favorite, as it allows you to deeply connect

If you have smaller kids, this can be an easy way to schedule time together

Note to Self:
Whatever you do, try not to start the friendship one-sided where one of you gets more out of the relationship than the other. Remember, in order for any connection to be healthy, it has to have a give-and-take balance.  

Wishing you the best!

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