A "Just Because" Day

Focus Area: Reconnecting with Others

Imagine a day that is not your birthday, your anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or any other meaningful day.  It’s just a normal ole day.  And out of the blue, you receive a random gift.  A small gift that represents you and communicates "I’m thinking of you."  

Wouldn’t that put a smile on your face?

Ideas for You
  • Gather a list of what your loved ones love language, hobbies/passions, favorites (foods, colors, movies, restaurants, etc.), and dislikes are. 
  • Pick a small gift that represents one of the categories above. 
  • Send it via mail or deliver in-person. 
  • And most importantly, explain what made you think of them when you bought it. 

You will surely brighten their day!

Have fun!

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