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Owning Your Feelings

Written by: Juanyta @ Inspire My Journey

If you are like me, you tend to shy away from all negative emotions.  You avoid confrontation, you convince yourself to shake off feelings of sadness, anger or fear, and you try to shield loved ones from experiencing pain.    
But what I didn’t realize is that our feelings play a very important role in our lives.  

Let me share what I've learned. 
Protects your boundaries
Anger emotions keep people from taking advantage of you. Fearful emotions protect you from emotional and physical harm.
Communicates, “You Matter!”  
No one can tell you how to feel or that your feelings aren’t valid.  It’s your experience and your moment.  And when you choose to embrace them, good or bad, you communicate to yourself, you are important.  
Brings awareness to self
When you own your feelings, you bring a certain awareness to yourself.  And in this mindfulness mentality, personal growth can take place.
Gives you the power to not give “it” power  (This is my favorite.)
When you own your feelings, you have the power to acknowledge, address, and then politely dismiss them.  In this space, you position yourself to choose how you want to feel vs. letting the feeling choose you!  

You see, feelings aren't meant to control your life. Rather, they are to add value and promote you to a higher level of thinking and living.  

I really want you to get this, so if it's hard to own your feelings, start by identifying your biggest hurdle.  Afterwards, write out a plan to overcome it.   


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