Identify Your Purpose - Your Training

Focus Area:  Define Your Path Forward

God has purposed you with your very own unique purpose.  The reveal may happen early in life or it may happen later. It’s not always obvious, therefore, much prayer and deliberation are in order, but it’s definitely a journey worth exploring.  
In this 4-part series, you will seek to identify your purpose.  Here, you will focus on...Your Training.  
To begin this journey, recall your life experiences.   Most of the time, but not always, God will use the challenges we’ve overcome, lessons we’ve learned, or empathy we exude, to help others.  Why?  Because it is in those moments that we become the best teachers and advocates. 
Take a look at your experiences.  Answer the following questions and record them in your journal.

  1. What area(s) of your life have you experienced traumatic suffering?  (i.e. divorce, lost of someone, childhood abuse, etc.)
    1. Have you overcome it and gained freedom?
    2. Are you actively working to free yourself?  
  2. What is that something that breaks your heart you when see, read, or hear about it?  (i.e. disease, mistreatment, injustice, etc.)

Spend some time thinking about your answers and see how much it resonates with your spirit. Does it penetrate your heart enough to help others in these areas?  In addition, talk with God and see where He wants to lead you.
Enjoy this discovery.  Part two will help you determine how you will live out your purpose…Your Passion!

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