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Did you enjoy learning about your passion in part two?  Nothing is more exciting than doing what you love while helping others.
This journey will be even more special.  You will learn about…Your Spiritual Gift!
As a Christian, above all, your #1 mission is to lead others to Christ.  This can be done in three ways:
Inadvertently - modeling Christ so others will have the desire to follow. 

Intentionally - helping others enjoy life so they can be in a space to receive God. (Discussed in part one & two)
Supernaturally – leaning on the Holy Spirit for the confidence, grace, and wisdom to live it all out. 
The Holy Spirit has blessed you with your very own spiritual gift (1 Corinthians 7:7). When you identify your gift, develop it and lean on the Holy Spirit to use it, God shows up in miraculous ways.  You will be surprised at your work and the lives you impact. 

Spend some time learning about the different spiritual gifts.  See which ones resonate with you and then consider taking the survey.  

For your convenience, I provided some resources from  This list is not exclusive but can serve as a guide.  

Survey - It’s pretty lengthy, so allot some time.

Happy spiritual gift finding!  In part four, you will put everything together to come up with…Your Mission Statement


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