Identify Your Purpose - Your Mission Statement

Focus Area: Define Your Path Forward

In part three, you focused on finding your spiritual gift.  Were you surprised by the survey results?  Did it align with your personality?  

Today will be empowering as you build…Your Mission Statement!

Your mission statement is vital to your success as you go forth and live out your purpose.  Every thought you think, every idea you implement, every person you influence, should be backed by this statement.  

A mission statement is more than just words.  It is:

  • a statement of your worth (your purpose) and value (your passion)
  • a commitment to yourself, God, and others
  • what will be used to: maintain your focus, aid in making decisions, hold you accountable, provide a benchmark, and keep you motivated

Ready to build yours?  Let’s get started.

Using the material you learned in part one, two, and three, bring together your purpose, your passion, and your spiritual gift to create your statement.  Remember, the beauty of it being your own is that you can make it as plain or as jazzy as you like.  It is your opportunity to express yourself in a way that is meaningful to YOU.

Here are some examples to get you going:

“To inspire positive change through teaching and coaching.”
“To create opportunities for today’s youth.”
“To encourage, engage, and equip others to believe in the possibilities.”
“To positively impact the life of every person I meet.” 

And, of course, Inspire My Journey’s mission statement “To walk with you on a graceful and engaging journey towards emotional freedom.”   

It’s the beginning of an amazing journey for you as you begin to walk in your purpose.  Enjoy working on your statement.  

Juanyta is genuinely interested in your journey and would love to hear about your progress. Consider emailing her
your survey results and/or your statement for further dialogue.  


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