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Our Story

At Inspire My Journey, our purpose is to inspire individuals to move beyond the pain of their past, into the beauty of living a life with Christ.  Through our products, services, and community, we aim to inspire each and every person God puts in our path.  

"The Journey" Blog

"Remaining YOU Through Adversity" Journey

Written with: EAGERNESS

How would you describe your natural self? Does it differ dramatically in times of distress? Do you wish you could remain YOU in times of adversity? If yes, come journey as we work through staying positive in those tough scenarios.

“Forgiveness…Healing Your Pain” Journey

Written with: TENDERNESS

Have you ever thought you were completely over a past hurt, only to find out you aren’t? And the remembrance of that hurt causes both physical and emotional pain to which you respond undesirably? If yes, it’s time for a permanent change. Seek forgiveness on this journey so your heart can be healed.

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